Guiding you through Relationships, Loss and Grief  

Hello, I’m Suzanne.  When you experience loss life changes in a way you didn’t anticipate or ask for.  Yet you have to continue day to day life even when normal life no longer makes sense. It might feel as if no one understands the depth of your pain and confusion despite them trying.
What you're struggling with can bring up thoughts, feelings and questions that are difficult to unravel and keep you stuck. Perhaps difficult feelings of guilt, blame or anger heighten old ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour you weren’t aware of. Ultimately this impacts you and how you relate to others. 
I can work with you to understand your thoughts and feelings, find answers and resolve issues that are impacting you and your relationships. I believe that your past experience is played out in the present so that’s where we focus - what’s going on for you in the here and now.
I specialise in Relationships, Loss and Grief. You might:
  • be struggling to be yourself in relationships, wondering why your relationships breakdown or wanting to know more about your relationship patterns so you can have better love, family, friend or work relationships
  • have experienced or anticipate sudden loss, perhaps through illness, suicide or accident and you are finding it difficult to process your grief in a culture that doesn’t have the space or know-how to help
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Your relationship with your therapist is key to successful and healing therapy. So your first appointment is to check out whether you and I are a good fit - with no obligation to continue. Ready to try it out? Please call/text 07788664580 or email for a free 15 minute phone consultation or to arrange a face-to-face appointment

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